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South Carolina Woman Who Gave Birth on Day of the Solar Eclipse Chose the Perfect Name for Her Baby Girl – PEOPLE.com

A couple legally named their baby girl Eclipse to commemorate the celestial event that captivated North America on August 21, the day she was unexpectedly born. Freedom and Michael Eubanks welcomed their daughter, Eclipse Alizabeth Eubanks, just hours before the eclipse was set to begin. While their baby wasn’t due until September 3, Freedom went into […]

Walking through space in NASA’s Virtual Reality Lab – The Verge

Astronauts aren’t made in a day. To first qualify for a mission assignment in space, NASA’s astronaut candidates typically have to complete up to two years of training here on Earth. And that includes a rotating roster of activities, workouts, and assignments that change every single day. Perhaps the biggest aspect of astronaut training is […]

No, Seriously, Don’t Look at the Sun During the Eclipse Without Special Glasses – New York Times

The extent of damage depends on how long someone stares at the sun. Even a few seconds could be destructive. “It can range from blurry vision to absolute permanent vision loss,” said Dr. Christopher Quinn, president of the American Optometric Association. While vision loss doesn’t mean you’d go black and see nothing, you’d lose your […]

If your eclipse glasses aren’t damaged, you can use them again in 2024 – Los Angeles Times

So you gazed at the heavens on Monday and marveled with millions of Americans as the moon slowly moved across the face of the sun. If you were lucky, you even experienced the wonders of totality. Now you find yourself with a pair or two — or maybe more — of paper eclipse glasses and […]

Experiencing Totality: Eclipse Stories From Sky & Telescope – Sky & Telescope

With our editors and writers scattered across the eclipse path today, we have dozens of stories to share. Here are a few. Third contact, as seen in Rexburg, Idaho.Gert Cazemier To experience a total solar eclipse is to experience the sublime. It is to encounter something that is so awe-inspiring, so earth-shattering, that you lose […]

‘We are all just mind-boggled:’ scenes from the total solar eclipse of 2017 – Washington Post

For one brief moment, day became night. And the sun was replaced by a black circle — ringed on all sides with gleaming white fire. As the Great American Eclipse made landfall in the tiny coastal town of Newport, Ore., the rowdy crowd that gathered on its beach was stunned by the sight into an […]

Eclipse-viewing party in the air; special airline flight had a sky-high look – USA TODAY

Post to Facebook Posted! A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. 1 of 28 2 of 28 3 of 28 4 of 28 5 of 28 6 of 28 7 of 28 8 of 28 9 of 28 10 of 28 11 of 28 12 of 28 13 of 28 14 of 28 […]

Signs of Potential Eye Damage After Watching Solar Eclipse, According to an Eye Care Expert – NECN

Experts have long warned that watching a solar eclipse without proper eyewear can lead to potential damage in your eyes.  But what might that damage look like?  Dr. Linda Chous, chief eye care officer for UnitedHealthcare, helps answer that question.  If you’ve looked at the eclipse without glasses, do you feel the adverse effects immediately […]

How to make a pinhole viewer for eclipse 2017 – KVIA El Paso

So, you’re excited to make an event out of watching the solar eclipse, maybe with family and friends. But, of course, you want to view it as safely as possible. Unfortunately, the one rule of enjoying an eclipse is often the first rule that gets thrown aside. “During an eclipse, people want to look at […]

Man Who Suffered Eye Damage In 1962 Solar Eclipse Warns Others About The Risks Of Directly Looking At The Sun – I4U News

On Monday, August 21, a total solar eclipse will be viewable across United States. Over the course of one and a half hour, all the states from Oregon to South Carolina will get to see darkness for sometime in the middle of the day.  Don’t Miss: Pre-order SNES Classic Edition Details This is the first time […]

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