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Dinosaur sported ‘bandit mask’ – BBC News

Image copyright Robert Nicholls Image caption Artwork: Sinosauropteryx probably lived in open environments, under constant threat of predation A dinosaur from China sported a “bandit mask” pattern in the feathers on its face, scientists have said. Researchers came to their conclusion after studying three well-preserved fossil specimens of the extinct creature, called Sinosauropteryx. They were […]

Not one, but two super eruptions formed the colossal Yellowstone caldera – New Atlas

Anthony Wood Not one, but two super eruptions formed the colossal Yellowstone caldera – New Atlas

Visitor from Far, Far Away: Interstellar Object Spotted in Our Solar System – Space.com

A visitor from interstellar space has likely been spotted in our solar system for the first time ever. The object, known as A/2017 U1, was detected last week by researchers using the Pan-STARRS 1 telescope in Hawaii. “We have been waiting for this day for decades,” Paul Chodas, manager of […]

NASA’s Astronaut Twins Study Shows How Spaceflight Changes Gene Expression – Space.com

The changes spaceflight induces in astronauts are much more than skin deep. Space travel strongly affects the way genes are expressed, or turned on and off, preliminary results from NASA’s “Twins Study” have revealed. “Some of the most exciting things that we’ve seen from looking at gene expression in space is […]

The Universe Should Have Destroyed Itself at the Big Bang. Why Didn’t It? – Seeker

One measurement that had not been made was what is called the “magnetic moment” of the antiproton. The magnetic moment measures how a particle reacts to magnetic force.  Recently, an international team of researchers at CERN used the Baryon Antibaryon Symmetry Experiment (BASE) to measure the magnetic moment of an antiproton to incredibly high precision. […]

Growing pains: The oldest trees on Earth ripped themselves apart, fossils show – Los Angeles Times

Scientists have discovered 374-million-year-old tree fossils from the dawn of Earth’s forests — and found that these strange plants literally had to rip themselves apart as they grew. The fossils, described in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shed light on the nature of ancient forests and the evolution of the Earth’s climate. […]

Einstein’s theory of happiness sells for $1.3M at auction – Washington Post

JERUSALEM — While Albert Einstein’s theory of happiness may be relative, it fetched $1.3 million at a Jerusalem auction on Tuesday. The Nobel-winning scientist’s musings, on a handwritten note, may not be as famous as his groundbreaking theory of relativity, but they still shed light on one of the great modern minds. Winner’s Auctions and […]

Paul Weitz, astronaut who helped repair Skylab and commanded space shuttle, dies at 85 – Washington Post

Paul Weitz, an astronaut who took part in a tension-filled mission to repair the Skylab orbiting laboratory in 1973 and who returned to space 10 years later as commander of the space shuttle Challenger on its maiden voyage, died Oct. 22 at his home in Flagstaff, Ariz. He was 85. The cause was blood cancer, said his […]

NASA is about to do something with the Curiosity rover it never could have planned – BGR

NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has already delivered some gorgeous views of the red planet and provided scientists with an incredible wealth of data regarding one of our closest planetary neighbors, but one particular aspect of Curiosity’s myriad technical abilities has been a bit of a disappointment: its drill. The rover’s drill hasn’t been operational in […]

NASA Just Released A Satellite Image Of A Charred Northern California – Forbes

Credit: NASA/ASTER Northern California wildfires with vegetation in red and charred land in dark gray. As wildfires continue to burn in northern California, NASA just released a satellite photo revealing the widespread destruction. Scientists use satellite imagery to obtain almost real-time snapshots of environmental change, urban sprawl, and landscape modification. California’s wine country wildfires are […]