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Health experts always suggest that fruits and vegetables are good for health. Moreover, they recommend more intakes of leafy veggies and fruits by those who wish to shed their extra pounds.

But a new study carried by the researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham may sound contradictory to the often recommended notion of eating more of them to lose weight.

The researchers have discovered that inclusion of more fruits and vegetables in a person’s diet will have no effect on weight loss

A team of researchers studied data of over 1,200 test subjects in seven controlled and randomized experiments that aimed at exploring the effects on weight loss in those who consumed more fruits and vegetables in their daily diet.


Lead researcher Kathryn Kaiser, Ph.D., UAB School of Public Health instructor, said, “Across the board, all studies we reviewed showed a near-zero effect on weight loss. So I don’t think eating more alone is necessarily an effective approach for weight loss because just adding them on top of whatever foods a person may be eating is not likely to cause weight change.”

During the study, the researchers found that the consumption of more fruits and vegetables had no effect on weight loss. Moreover, their consumption also had no effect on the person’s weight gain.

“Increase in the serving size of fruits does not raise a person’s weight,” Kaiser said.

“To lose weight while keeping a healthy diet, the best way is to reduce caloric intake and not increase the intake of fruits and vegetables as according to popular belief,” Kaiser stressed.

The study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition on June 25.


Eating more Vegetables, Fruits lead to Weight gain not Weight Loss – WallStreet OTC

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