Facebook Home has Been Abandoned by Facebook – Design & Trend

Facebook home, a screen replacement app for Android appears to be…well dead, almost. The New York Times reported on Friday that Facebook has dismantled the Facebook Home team. What does not help the report is the fact that a Facebook spokesperson has denied the rumor.

The reason why the app is all but dead is because there are sources unwilling to come out of anonymity to discuss the matter publicly.

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“There is a team working on Home and the experience is still supported and available in the Google Play store.” Said the Spokesperson. The last time the app was updated was in January.

Facebook Home was the social networks’ effort to integrate Facebook features into an Android smartphone. After downloading the software, it became easier to view Facebook photos and send messages to friends directly from the home screen of the phone. You could do all of this without the Facebook app.

After Home was released, it received much criticism and was labeled “mediocre at best”. Even Zuckerberg himself admitted that the app was hardly the hit he hoped it would become.

“I definitely think Home is slower in rolling out than I would have hoped,” Zuckerberg said in an interview at a tech conference last year.

The app is still available for download but it has been lacking of any updates since January.

“It wasn’t the right product at the right time for their customers,” said Brian Blau, a research director and analyst for the Gartner Group. “Facebook always thought they could turn things around, but they haven’t for whatever reason.”

It seems the abandonment of Facebook Home has come from Facebook’s new change of strategy, emphasizing more on mobile offerings like instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger.

Facebook is not afraid to kill its underperforming apps. This is proven by their recent actions of discontinuing Poke and Camera. Home isn’t entirely dead yet, but don’t be surprised if you cease to see it when searching for it in the App Store. 




Facebook Home has Been Abandoned by Facebook – Design & Trend

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