Google I/O 2014: what can we expect? –

Wearable technology is likely to be another major focus of the conference,
with the expected launch of Android
– Google’s operating system for wearable devices – along with a
host of smartwatches
and other devices
from partners such as HTC, LG and Asus – which it
announced earlier this year. The conference could be the first time one of
the watches is demonstrated to a crowd, with the potential for a release
date announcement.

Will we see the release data for the Moto 360, created in
collaboration with Motorola at I/O 2014?

Google Glass is also expected to feature at the event, following the
announcement of new partners for Google’s Glass
at Work
programme earlier this month, which aims to encourage
developers to create Glass apps for specific industry sectors – from medical
and media to sports and entertainment.

Glass was released this
week in the UK for the first time
, after going on sale to the US
general public last month. Google has already announced an update for the
headset ahead of the conference, increasing its RAM from 1GB to 2GB, which
allows Glass to handle more tasks simultaneously.

Google Glass is now available to buy for £1,000 in the UK if you are
over 18

Android 5.0 Lollipop

A new version of the Android operating system for smartphones and tablets is
due to appear, with various performance improvements and support for 64-bit
processors, opening Android up to more powerful devices in the future.
Rumours also suggest a modified interface with flatter, more minimalist


Meanwhile, Forbes magazine reported earlier this month that Google is
gearing up to launch a new health service called Google
, which will aggregate data from health-related apps and popular
fitness trackers, such as the FitBit, Jawbone Up and Nike Fuelband, helping
users to get a holistic picture of their health.

Such a service would put Google in direct competition with Apple’s
recently-announced HealthKit,
which will be available with the iOS 8 update this autumn. HealthKit also
collates information from health and fitness third party apps.

Home network

Another theme of the conference is likely to be the connected home, following
the acquisition of Nest
, maker of smart thermostats and smoke detectors, earlier this
year, and video-surveillance startup Dropcam.
Google is expected to reveal more details about how these devices will
integrate together in the smart home of the future.

Self-driving cars

Google’s self-driving
are also likely to make an appearance at Google I/O, following
the announcement last month that the cars could be on the road within a
year. The company may also show off its progress in developing an in-car
entertainment system, based on Android.

Google’s driverless cars have the potential to change the face of
driving forever

At a stretch, Google may offer glimpses into what it is doing in the field of
robotics and artificial
, following its acquisition of seven robotics companies
last year, and its efforts to bring internet connectivity to hard-to-reach
parts of the world using low-altitude
. However, these are unlikely to feature prominently.

“I expect a frenetic pace of new announcements across a number of market
segments – mobile, cloud infrastructure, wearables, software services, home
automation, and a dollop of just over-the-horizon craziness with robots,
self-driving cars, and internet enabled satellites,” said Jeffrey Hammond,
principal analyst at Forrester.

“Under it all I expect the message to developers will be this is all linked,
and there is an end-to-end vision of how apps and software come together
with the phone, the cloud, and the physical world around us. It’s our
ecosystem you want to bet on, because it’s larger, extends further, and it’s
more open.”

Google I/O 2014 takes place on 25 and 26 of June at the Moscone Center in San

Google I/O 2014: what can we expect? –

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