Mothership OT: LeBron Will Stick With Heat –

LeBron James opted out of his deal in Miami yesterday, opening him up to the Free Agent market. Of course with his wife’s Instagram controversy less than 24 hours old, LeBron back to Cleveland set Twitter on fire yesterday. But DA believes that LeBron wants to stay in Miami, but he is just doing his due diligence and keeping his options open. The Heat looked old and tired in the Finals, and they will need to retool a few things if they want to get back to said Finals. There of course will be many suitors for LBJ come July 1 including the aforementioned Cavs, LA Clippers, Dallas Mavericks amongst a bevy of other teams who would just like to chance to speak with him. But DA remains steadfast in his belief that he will be back with the Heat come this season. This morning’s Cold Open.

Luis Suarez is one of the top 3 players in the world in his respective sport. He is a brilliant goal scorer, who has a knack for slipping through defenders and finding the back of the net. But he also has a nasty little temper, and sometimes that leads to him biting opposing players. Well that happened again yesterday in Uruguay’s match vs Italy. Both teams were looking to get to the Knockout Stage, so tensions were clearly running high. But late in the match, Suarez went ahead and bit Italian player Giorgio Chiellini right square in the shoulder. I mean, it was one of the most bizarre things I have seen. Suarez knew he was in trouble, so when Chiellini reacted, Luis acted as if he was hit in the mouth and started grabbing his teeth. Nice try Luis, but you aren’t getting anything past the TV cameras now.

Tonight’s World Cup in 90 features a Klinsmann cut discussing Jozy Altidore being out for tomorrow’s match vs Germany. And then we are blessed with the soccer pbp sound of DA’s cousin, GA who broadcasts for a very low level Italian soccer team. The GA call is quite hilarious.

This morning’s Epic Fail is part of Mraz’s recap of his trip to Las Vegas for a bachelor party over the weekend. Mraz was so desperate for an In-N-Out burger, that he actually paid a cab driver to go to the other side of town and grab him some grub. Mraz has become so lazy that the normal task of walking has become far too difficult. This morning’s Epic Fail.


Mothership OT: LeBron Will Stick With Heat –

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