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Cape Town – If you thought South Africans would stay home and be frugal in solidarity with Bafana Bafana not qualifying for the World Cup in Brazil, you’re quite wrong.  

According to the Visa Everywhere Travel Report for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, South Africans have done their fair share of spending during the event.  

IOL reports that in the four-day opening period of the event from June 12 to 15 2014, South Africans spent about R1.7m with their Visa cards.

During this same period, Visa found that international visitors spent more than US$27m (R286m at R10.63/dollar) on their Visa accounts.  
In comparison, cardholder spending data from Visa for the 2010 FIFA World Cup tournament held in South Africa shows spending by international visitors in South Africa  during the tournament exceeded US$128 million (about R974 million).

On Saturday, June 14, 2014 alone international travellers to Brazil spent more than US$10.7m (R113m) using Visa products. Visitors spent the most in categories such as lodging and accommodation. 

This was the highest tourist spend day in the country in 2014. In the report Visa also reveals which 10 countries have spent the most so far, making up a full 65% of the total spend in Brazil.

Unsurprisingly United States and the United Kingdom topped the list, followed closely by France in the third position.

While it may come as a bit of a surprise that Mexico ranks fourth, it’s probably not nearly as astonishing as Angola taking the fifth position!

That’s right! Our SADC nearly-neighbour, beat high flying football frenzied nations such as Germany, Australia and Spain.

According to the 2010 report, Visa cardholders from the United Kingdom (US$536 million), the US (US$325 million) and Germany (US$95.8 million) were the top 3 contributors to South Africa’s tourism economy. Of the top 10 inbound source countries for the 2010 event, 4 were SADC countries – Botswana (US$83.6 million), Mozambique (US$78.6 million), Namibia (US$66.2 million) and Angola (US$53.6 million).

Check out the 2014 big spenders below:

This is what the top 10 spenders looked like in the 2010 World Cup here in South Africa – quite a change, no?

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South Africans spend big bucks in Brazil – News24

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