US Conference of Mayors supports net neutrality – Maine News

A new resolution was unanimously adopted the US Conference of Mayors on Monday. The resolution – passed by the Mayors of New York, San Francisco, Boston and 14 other US cities – calls on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Congress and the White House to support robust net neutrality rules.

Urging the FCC to “enshrine principles of transparency and non-discrimination into future regulations about how the Internet works,” the resolution said that the net neutrality rules which need to be supported should include those that would prevent Internet service providers (ISPs) from charging a fee from content providers to give them preferential access to consumers.

Asserting that `paid prioritization’ should be prevented, the US Conference of Mayors said in the resolution that the FCC’s net neutrality proposal would require that the ISPs should engage in “commercial reasonable” practices in how they carry content.

The resolution said: “The US Conference of Mayors supports securing a commitment to transparency and the free flow of information over the Internet, including no blocking of lawful websites and no unreasonable discrimination of lawful network traffic.”

Though the resolution passed by the US Conference of Mayors is largely symbolic because the Conference does not have any legislative authority, it is nonetheless an indication that network neutrality is starting to matter at the local level.

US Conference of Mayors supports net neutrality – Maine News

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